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Exercício: Health problems on board

Tip! If possible, read through the entire lesson out loud

After health professionals, cabin crew must rate as one of the professions most exposed to communicable illnesses while on the job and, unlike doctors and nurses, there’s not much in the way of protection on hand, and no escape route! Add to that the long, intensive hours worked and jet lag, how can flight attendants possibly boost their immunity and minimise sick days?

You’ll know the importance of keeping hands clean and keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep and perhaps taking supplements, but what else can you do?

Statistics comprehension

1 in 7 of the staff surveyed had to take more than _________ sick leave in the previous year.
1 in 23 was diagnosed with _______________ even though the average age of those surveyed was 40
For the general (British) population, the rate of diagnosis for the under 44 age group is as low as 1 in _________.
1 in 20 reported being diagnosed with __________ __________ syndrome.
This compares with 1 in _________ for the general population.
Extra resources: http://aircrewhealth.com http://www.flyingwithhealthysolutions.com
Healthy tips for cabin crew!

Make the decision to become more health conscious. Learn about the different supplements and healthy foods available, and what they can do for you
Before you fly, research healthy food and lifestyle options at your destination
While flying, avoid eating from the menu. As much as possible, take your own healthy snacks, such as fruit, nuts or yogurt, and home-cooked meals. Plan ahead with other cabin crew to each bring some healthy food to share
Investigate natural cold and flu prevention and remedies that boost immunity, strengthen the respiratory system and relieve symptoms with side effect or unpleasant odour
Carry essential oils with you and use them in a steam bath or on your pillow
Try some different relaxation techniques and choose one that you find works best for you


A month
Chronic Fatigue


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